“Self Care” for Busy Professionals

Stressed out business professionals in heated discussion “Self Care” has become a meaningless buzzword in the last decade. Most people who are successful in their specific careers give little to no attention to their self-care.  Instead, they put 100% of their limited energy into their professional success and achievements.  Of course, that plan [...]

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Download Qi: Succeed In The Millennium

We are tiptoeing deep into the 3rd Millennium.  The universe we live in is going through a time of radical flux.  It affects our environment, government, our society, our technology, and our health.  Now truly, the “only thing constant is change.” Changes going on cosmically in “the Macro” dictate that we change in “the Micro.”  [...]

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3 Easy Tools to Rise Above Your Stress

Stress is the root cause for 80 % of the visits to the doctor’s office. This is how to avoid that visit. The key factor that affects most men’s health today is not smoking, alcoholism, diabetes, drug addiction, heart disease, etc.  It is stress.  Stress is the root cause for 80 % of the [...]

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Are “Fitness” Routines Damaging Your Health?

American men of all ages are subjected to ‘body shaming.’  Not nearly to the degree that the women in our society are, but still enough to cause psychological and physical damage. The media images of young, muscular models strutting their six-pack-abs, narrow waist, and massive shoulders, feeds feelings of physical inadequacies that eat at [...]

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