Succeed In The MillenniumWe are tiptoeing deep into the 3rd Millennium.  The universe we live in is going through a time of radical flux.  It affects our environment, government, our society, our technology, and our health.  Now truly, the “only thing constant is change.” Changes going on cosmically in “the Macro” dictate that we change in “the Micro.”  So what do we need? We desperately need to “Download Qi to succeed in the millennium.”

In previous millenniums the key attributes for success advocated were steadfastness, unrelenting forward motion, and dogged perseverance.   These attributes are considered historically within traditional Chinese forms of thought as, “Yang,” or “masculine.”  So-called “softer” attributes like yielding, flexibility, and openness were considered more “Yin,” or “feminine.”  These are attributes which could be utilized by either gender. It was simply the touted route to achievement in those not so distant times.

Most of us were born in the previous 2nd Millennium.   What shifts need to occur for us to survive and thrive?  What new tools do we need to make it in this new and rapidly changing epoch era we are in?

How Do We Succeed In The Millennium?

Will those old-school approaches that prevailed before be as effective in the 3rd Millennium?   No. We need to grow and adapt to the changes whirling around us in the larger environment. We need new tools to adapt to the new times. It is as simple as that. Like Maestro Bob Dylan sang in the previous millennium, “The Times They Are a Changing.” In fact, they have already.

When we think of the modern concept of “downloading,” we are in fact, yielding, opening, we are taking in something new. We are opening our internal “door” (of our computer, or our body, or our lives) for something outside of ourselves to enter in.

An intrinsic skill to develop to survive and thrive in the 3rd Millennium is to cultivate the fine art of yielding.  Is that not “weakness”? Perhaps if you define it by the perspectives of the previous Millenniums, it could be construed as such.

But as the two millennia old book by book by Lao Tsu, the “Dao De Jing” states:

“The hard and stiff are death’s companions. The soft and weak are life’s companions.”

“Nothing in the world is softer and weaker than water. Yet, to attack the hard and strong, nothing surpasses it.”

“The weak overcomes the strong. The soft overcomes the hard. Everybody in the world knows this, still nobody makes use of it.”

We yield and change, or we die. You choose.

So How Does “Downloading” Apply to Qigong?

In downloading a program, or a PDF on the computer, you just hit a button and let the door open to the material.  It is EASY. So it should be with the “downloading” of Qi, or “bio-electric energy” be when opening up our bodies to that material.  We choose to yield. Then we open (psychologically and physiologically, “hit the button”) to allow the influx of the new material.  At that point, we can consciously tap into, open up to, and hence, receive the dynamic energy that the Universe has available for every woman, man, child, and creature on earth.

At “Download Qi,” we keep the obstacles, the esotericism, the excess of theory down the bare minimum so we can tap directly in, experientially, the Qi (bio-electric energy) of the Universe.  It is really stone cold simple.  Why make it more complicated?  We need to adapt to and integrate with the dynamic energy of the Universe if we are going to thrive in this dawn of the 3rd Millennium. Tap into the resources available to energize and empower your journey at Download Qi.

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