Stressed out business professionals in heated discussion

“Self Care” has become a meaningless buzzword in the last decade. Most people who are successful in their specific careers give little to no attention to their self-care.  Instead, they put 100% of their limited energy into their professional success and achievements.  Of course, that plan goes along quite fine – for a brief season.  Until, the countless hours of overwork (so-called “dedication”), stress, lack of balance, and competition take their inevitable toll.     The bill eventually comes due.  And that bill can be very expensive.

Autoimmune disorders, embedded fatigue, broken relationships, dallying with substance and alcohol abuse (self-medication) and an eroding R.O.I. from their efforts are the price we too often pay for our business “success.”  Not only do we suffer, those around us often go down with us.  Marriages erode from lack of time.  Relationships with children become mere “roles” we play out, doing our duty.  We rush from goal to goal, and somehow lose the whole game.

The “crash” can be some well publicized Elon Musk type of breakdown.  Or, more often (for those of us less in the limelight), it can simply be a gradual shift from the front of the pack off to the sidelines.  Unfortunately, the fact is, most “successful” people are so only in their profession, not in their whole life.  Yet, we are just one entity – one person.  So when the stress fractures begin to expose our cracks the whole ship sinks – from a slow leak or, a Titanic-like dump.

A wise corporate or business leader will be proactive not only in meeting their economic “bottom line,” but in preserving and enhancing their overall life.  The first thing we always put on the back burner is ourselves.  We assume our bills, careers, professional reputation and progress are non-negotiable.  We mistakenly assume our mental and physical health are negotiable – we can put those issues off.  Until we have “more time.”  It never comes.

I will rest when I die,” I have heard many financially successful clients tell me.  “Why speed up that inevitability?” I ask them.  Why not be selfish?  Why not have both health, peace and professional/fiscal success?

It takes so little effort to integrate profoundly restorative self-care into your grind.  Honor yourself and your health first and foremost, not with a daily hour and a ½ yoga or workout session (unless you have that time).  What about just 7 minutes a day?  The busiest person on planet earth can carve out 7 minutes in their day.

Check out some of the quick and easy self-care hacks other busy professionals are using to restore their health and life balance.  “Qigong, the Quick & Easy Start-Up Guide,” has no exercises longer than 7 minutes each!  Each one is stone-cold easy to do.  No special workout gear, equipment, gadgets or space required.  Just you and some air is enough.

Be proactive in investing in your most precious resource – you, your health, and your peace and calm.  It will yield not only enhanced career performance; it will yield a life worth living – in its totality.  Remember the “why” behind your efforts for success.  Do not lose sight of the prize.  You and a beautiful life (in all of its fullness) is the prize.  Honor thyself.

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