How to Live Longer Doing QigongLongevity and Qigong are like soulmate lovers — they were made for each other.  One of the key goals of the ancient Daoists who cultivated their Qi, and developed the principles of Qigong, was to enhance longevity.  They wanted to live a looonnggg ass time.

Science is just now discovering the secrets of the deep interconnection between Qigong practice and longevity.  The ancients knew this at least 5000 years ago.  Long before clinical studies and medical researches got grant money to substantiate what the Chinese civilization has done for millennia, the Chinese knew Qigong helped achieve a long, healthy life, vital, and thriving life.

So you want to live a long time?  Before we get into how we can do this, ask yourself a more fundamental question:  


Why Do You Want To Live A Long Time?

This question leads into the first of the 3 steps;  Motivation!

Longevity and Qigong: 3 Quick & Easy Steps:


You can live in the “Blue Zones,” eat Paleo, Keto, Raw Foods, do Juicing, ingest whatever the kind of diet you want into your mouth.  Yet, the key thing in longevity is much more fundamental than physically aping the mere mechanics of a “means to an end.”

You need a real reason to want to engage in the arduous path of longevity.  It is hard.  Some of the most illustrious celestial stars in the universe burnt out quickly.  It takes more to than “going with the flow” to last the distance.  It takes focus, purpose, and a plan.  A concrete plan.

The bottom line is to really “know thyself,” as the ancients pointed out.  Find your life mission. Why the hell are you here, and what unique, distinct element to you add to this mix, that the billions who came before you did not?  Without that answer, fellow traveler, your lazy ass will be not be able to put in the work to really achieve longevity (Qigong, Keto, or not).

I plan on living on this old, dying earth a long-ass time (by modern measures).  I have specific reasons why I want/need to do this.  THAT is the fundamental key to achieving longevity.  Longevity is not the mere avoidance of death, it is the powerful drawing of the arrow on the string of a bow — you are aiming for the target for a real-deal reason.  You want to nail something. Figure this out, first.  Then the means to achieving longevity will follow like a snowball falling down a hill.


Yes, you heard me right.  Don’t overdo it, or try too hard.  You will screw it up.   Your f-ed up modern Western mind will turn it into work.  Qigong is not work.  It is pure unadulterated play.  You are playing with bio-electrical energy, the flow of air, the beat of the magnetic lines of the earth.  Qigong is running through a field of flowers naked — just without the shame and potential arrest.

The key to lasting discipline is pleasure.  I LOVE exercise, Martial Arts, Tai Chi, and Qigong.  This is not because they are “good” for me.  BLAH!  Who cares?  I love them!  They are first, and foremost, FUN!!!  That is how Qigong will sneak into your life.  Create an “addiction” to a wonderful, healthy habit, and powerfully amp up your life energy.   Your Qi will bounce off the charts when you discover what works your crank.

3.  REST:

Yes, indeed.  Rest and do not feel guilty about it. According to T.C.M. (Traditional Chinese Medicine) you have limited amounts of life energy.  Old people sleep.  You ever notice that?  In their autumn years, they finally get it — hold your life energy tight like a treasure! Take your time.  Do not rush.  The best advice I have ever heard in life it this:  “Slow is Fast.” Slow the hell down.  Your frantic activity is accomplishing absolutely nothing — zero.  It is just wearing your sorry-ass down.

How can the practice of Qigong increase your longevity?   

It slows your ass down.  It makes you breathe deep.  It is really simple.   Just slow the hell down.  Your are not the Star you think you are.  Just accept who you truly are.  Honor that.  Breathe deeply.  This earth (and your place upon it) is your home.  You BELONG.

Breathe deep, move slow, love life and live in congruence with your life mission.  Then you will be here soooo dam long, people will think you sold your soul to the devil to hang around.  Push it into your descendants faces.  They gotta work hard to get rid of you.

YOU understand the key to longevity:  You belong here and got the tools (Qigong) to make that happen.  Get used to it, young folks. I am here to stay.  I will see every beautiful sunset I can gaze upon before they lay me in the dirt of the grave.  I will breathe deeply every precious breath upon this earth that I can.

As an ex-gangster who I worked with years ago shared, when I asked him, “How are you doing?”  He dropped some wisdom I have never been able to shake.  He said, “Every day above ground is a great day.”  THAT is the mentality one needs to conquer longevity.  It is about passion.  It is not about tricks.

Longevity and Qigong are deep and rich topics. Spending a few minutes researching them will reap long term benefits — not only your quantity of life, but the quality of it. It is said that, “Our health is our true wealth.” Invest into that account and you will reap immediate dividends.

If you are interested in more information on longevity, quick and easy lifestyle enhancements, and Qigong as a easy to access resource for your health, visit my website for further information on my upcoming book, “Longevity: The Quick and Easy Start Up Guide.”

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