“Self Care” for Busy Professionals

Stressed out business professionals in heated discussion “Self Care” has become a meaningless buzzword in the last decade. Most people who are successful in their specific careers give little to no attention to their self-care.  Instead, they put 100% of their limited energy into their professional success and achievements.  Of course, that plan [...]

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Qigong For Anxiety

Qigong For Anxiety It is inevitable that we as humans will experience anxiety at some time in our life. If you have not, check your pulse, you may be dead.  Anxiety is an uncomfortable experience.  I believe anxiety is more common now, than at any time in human history. Have you ever considered Qigong for [...]

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3 Easy Tools to Rise Above Your Stress

Stress is the root cause for 80 % of the visits to the doctor’s office. This is how to avoid that visit. The key factor that affects most men’s health today is not smoking, alcoholism, diabetes, drug addiction, heart disease, etc.  It is stress.  Stress is the root cause for 80 % of the [...]

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