Longevity and Qigong: 3 Quick & Easy Steps

Longevity and Qigong are like soulmate lovers --- they were made for each other.  One of the key goals of the ancient Daoists who cultivated their Qi, and developed the principles of Qigong, was to enhance longevity.  They wanted to live a looonnggg ass time. Science is just now discovering the secrets of the [...]

Longevity and Qigong: 3 Quick & Easy Steps2019-03-08T16:52:02-08:00

Are “Fitness” Routines Damaging Your Health?

American men of all ages are subjected to ‘body shaming.’  Not nearly to the degree that the women in our society are, but still enough to cause psychological and physical damage. The media images of young, muscular models strutting their six-pack-abs, narrow waist, and massive shoulders, feeds feelings of physical inadequacies that eat at [...]

Are “Fitness” Routines Damaging Your Health?2018-05-12T06:37:12-08:00