Longevity and Qigong: 3 Quick & Easy Steps


Longevity and Qigong are like soulmate lovers --- they were made for each other.  One of the key goals of the ancient Daoists who cultivated their Qi, and developed the principles of Qigong, was to enhance longevity.  They wanted to live a looonnggg ass time. Science is just now discovering the secrets of the [...]

Longevity and Qigong: 3 Quick & Easy Steps2019-03-08T16:52:02-07:00

Qigong For Anxiety


Qigong For Anxiety It is inevitable that we as humans will experience anxiety at some time in our life. If you have not, check your pulse, you may be dead.  Anxiety is an uncomfortable experience.  I believe anxiety is more common now, than at any time in human history. Have you ever considered Qigong for [...]

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Doing Qigong in Nature


Where Can You Do Qigong? Anywhere!  A wiser question is, "where is the BEST place to do Qigong?"  Doing Qigong in nature provides the maximum health benefits with the least effort.  Doing Qigong in a park or forest, on the grass, or near foliage or trees will supercharge your Qigong.  Qigong done in nature [...]

Doing Qigong in Nature2018-07-06T09:09:19-07:00

Which is Better — Qigong or Yoga?


People looking to improve their health are often confused. Many people ask, “Which is better, Qigong or Yoga?” There is an information overload on the internet about everything health related --- diet, exercise, sleep, coffee, sex, medication, etc. Mind-Body modalities are no different. Everybody seems to have an opinion as to what is the [...]

Which is Better — Qigong or Yoga?2018-06-07T09:57:47-07:00

Natural Treatments for Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Using Qigong


Pain sucks.  Immobility sucks.  But, having a disease that no one authoritatively knows how it starts, and hence, how to cure it? That really sucks.  This is what people who suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis deal with every day.  This article shares natural ways to cope with the pain, reduce the stress, and trigger the [...]

Natural Treatments for Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Using Qigong2018-05-23T06:55:07-07:00

Download Qi: Succeed In The Millennium


We are tiptoeing deep into the 3rd Millennium.  The universe we live in is going through a time of radical flux.  It affects our environment, government, our society, our technology, and our health.  Now truly, the “only thing constant is change.” Changes going on cosmically in “the Macro” dictate that we change in “the Micro.”  [...]

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3 Easy Tools to Rise Above Your Stress


Stress is the root cause for 80 % of the visits to the doctor’s office. This is how to avoid that visit. The key factor that affects most men’s health today is not smoking, alcoholism, diabetes, drug addiction, heart disease, etc.  It is stress.  Stress is the root cause for 80 % of the [...]

3 Easy Tools to Rise Above Your Stress2018-05-12T06:10:35-07:00

Are “Fitness” Routines Damaging Your Health?


American men of all ages are subjected to ‘body shaming.’  Not nearly to the degree that the women in our society are, but still enough to cause psychological and physical damage. The media images of young, muscular models strutting their six-pack-abs, narrow waist, and massive shoulders, feeds feelings of physical inadequacies that eat at [...]

Are “Fitness” Routines Damaging Your Health?2018-05-12T06:37:12-07:00

Men’s Quick Mental Health-Hygiene Checklist


We get one body and one shot at life. So make it a dam good shot. Honor your mental health, physical health, and spiritual health. As the last millennium was flipping over, everything in my life was flipping over (and upside down.) I was going through a very difficult divorce and had major economic [...]

Men’s Quick Mental Health-Hygiene Checklist2018-05-12T07:18:17-07:00

Why I Will Live to be Over 100, And Most Men Will Not


So How Can a Man Live Over 100 Years of Age? I am going to live to be over a 100 years old. I made this decision a few years back. It was a very cold, calculated decision.  I cannot remember the exact moment I decided that. It was not a snap decision, nor [...]

Why I Will Live to be Over 100, And Most Men Will Not2018-05-12T06:47:57-07:00
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