What is Qi Gong?

The gentle movements, relaxed diaphragmatic breathing, and the mental focus and more.

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Why Qi Gong?

We want to equip people with easy to learn, simple, and non-esoteric exercises.

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Health Benefits

It is critical that these time-tested complimentary medicine tools be made available.

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Download Qi Book

The Quick & Easy Start-Up Guide

Do you really want to get your life back onto the fast track to health as quick as possible? This book will get you experiencing the power of Qigong in the few brief minutes it takes you to read it. By reading these words, and doing the very simple exercises described, you can quickly start to feel the healing power of Qigong. Those who purchase this book will also have exclusive access to video footage that demonstrates each and every move. You can download now to your Kindle OR web browser with one click.

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Be Well. You Deserve it.

Learn more about how Qigong can help you and your organization. “Knowledge is power,” and our goal is to empower you to reach a new level of health and well-being.

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